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CS Vocal Competitions
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2014 Competition Winners
Classical Vocal Competition & Musical Theatre Competition

scholarships concert winners

National Winners
Young Artist
1st Place - Teresa Castillo
2nd Place - Galeano Salas
3rd Place - Heath Martin
1st Place - Brian Michael Moore
2nd Place - Francesca Chiejina
3rd Place - Ashley Mispagel
High School
1st Place - Jonah Hoskins
2nd Place - Monica Music
3rd Place - Meridian Prall
Musical Theatre
1st Place - Amanda Strader
2nd Place - Lauren Urso
3rd Place - Sydney Norwalk
High School
Musical Theatre
1st Place - James Damore
2nd Place - Miles Horne
3rd Place - Dominique Ruffalo

Second and Semifinal Round

  • Schedule:
    • Musical Theatre Final Round Concert: 4 - 5 p.m.
    • Classical Final Round Concert: 7 - 9 p.m.
  • Judging in San Antonio is being conducted with written feedback and online feedback. You can pick up the written comment sheets at the Registration Desk. View your Auditions Plus Application for the online comments.
  • Only ONE selection is required for the Final Round Concert. You may use the same repertoire as previous rounds or choose a new selection.
  • Meet at the Navarro Ballroom 30 minutes before the start of the concert.

Semifinal Round, Classical High School Division
Name Next Location Next Date Next Time
Christopher HoskinsFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:21 PM
Monica MusicFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:14 PM
Kresley FigueroaFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:28 PM
Sarah Clementine MireFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:35 PM
Hayley MaloneyFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:00 PM
Nicole BurkeFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:42 PM
Meridian PrallFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:49 PM
Jacob BrownFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:07 PM

Semifinal Round, Classical University / Young Artist Divisions
Name Next Location Next Date Next Time
Galeano SalasFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20143:27 PM
Catherine Grace CoxFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20142:59 PM
Heath MartinFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20143:06 PM
Lindsay LymerFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20142:17 PM
Brian Michael MooreFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20142:38 PM
Stephen SaharicFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20142:10 PM
Nicole ChamberlinFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20142:31 PM
Francesca ChiejinaFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20142:24 PM
Flora WallFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20142:03 PM
Ashley MispagelFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20142:45 PM
Teresa CastilloFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20143:20 PM
Nicole WoodwardFinal Round, Classical (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20143:13 PM

Semifinal Round, Musical Theatre All Divisions
Name Next Location Next Date Next Time
Leigh ToltzFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:40 PM
Sydney NorwalkFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20145:05 PM
Lauren PfeifferFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:45 PM
Kyle MetzeFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:55 PM
Lauren UrsoFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20145:00 PM
Miles HorneFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:35 PM
Amanda StraderFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:50 PM
James DamoreFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:05 PM
Emma LordFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:25 PM
Dominique RuffaloFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:20 PM
Sarah ParkerFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:15 PM
Zachary FernbackFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:10 PM
Sara SandersonFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:00 PM
Monica MusicFinal Round, Musical Theatre (all divisions), Navarro Ballroom05/25/20144:30 PM

2nd Round, Classical High School Division
Name Next Location Next Date Next Time
Teo MunteanuSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201412:25 PM
Nicole BurkeSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:00 PM
Katie SwaneySemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:10 AM
Skyler DykesSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:50 PM
Lauren BellSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:15 PM
Natalie SheppardSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:30 AM
Andrea GadzinskiSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:15 AM
Katie AhmannSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:00 AM
Jasmine IsmailSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:20 AM
Hansini BhaskerSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201412:55 PM
Tyler CerviniSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:55 PM
Emma CritchfieldSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:30 AM
Dante MirelesSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:25 PM
Katherine LeidleinSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:55 AM
Jacob BrownSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:50 AM
Phoebe LyonsSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:40 PM
Emilie YoungSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:05 AM
Shelby AllisonSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:35 PM
Shruthi RajasekarSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:45 PM
Monica MusicSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:00 AM
Thomas WestSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201412:30 PM
Jeannie MillerSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:05 AM
Jessica MorganSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:40 AM
Anna GintherSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:25 AM
Lauren HickeySemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201412:15 PM
Saloni RaoSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:45 AM
Christopher HoskinsSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:25 AM
Shelby CoxSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:50 AM
Jacob FeldmanSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:35 AM
DaShawn WilliamsSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201412:40 PM
Hannah CeniserosSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201412:20 PM
Kresley FigueroaSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201412:45 PM
Shereen PimentelSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201412:35 PM
Ryan MurphySemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:30 PM
Hayley MaloneySemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:20 AM
Marissa PyronSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:20 PM
Sarah Clementine MireSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201412:50 PM
Brian McCallisterSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:10 AM
Meridian PrallSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:05 PM
Louis SantiagoSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:45 AM
Elise HurwitzSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:55 AM
Calliway LevinSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/20141:10 PM
Jennifer BateSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201411:35 AM
Michelle RavitskySemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:40 AM
Emmi MalcolmsonSemifinal Round, Classical HS, Navarro Ballroom05/25/201410:15 AM

2nd Round, Classical University Division
Name Next Location Next Date Next Time
Brian Michael MooreSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:06 AM
Stephen SaharicSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:18 AM
Andrew RossSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:42 AM
Francesca ChiejinaSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:30 AM
Nicole ChamberlinSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:30 AM
Rachel AbbateSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:42 AM
Miriam NelsonSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20149:36 AM
Erika BaikoffSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20149:48 AM
Shelbi HerndonSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:12 AM
Lance OrtaSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:00 AM
Ericka HopkinsSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:48 AM
Darian HutchinsonSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:00 AM
Flora WallSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:12 AM
Erica PetrocelliSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:18 AM
Yvonne TrobeSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:54 AM
Inseok ChoiSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20149:30 AM
Dorian McCallSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20149:42 AM
David SanchezSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20149:54 AM
Lindsay LymerSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:06 AM
Raymond GraybarSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:36 AM
Carly SinclairSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:54 AM
Sheila HoulahanSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:24 AM
Anna ParksSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201411:48 AM
Ashley MispagelSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:36 AM
Rob SaldanaSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:00 PM
Jennifer McKaySemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201410:24 AM

2nd Round, Classical Young Artist Division
Name Next Location Next Date Next Time
Heath MartinSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:36 PM
Martin WilsonSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:18 PM
Olivia ThompsonSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:24 PM
Jinyoung KwonSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:30 PM
Hyunwoo ChoSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:06 PM
Brittany Walker (NY)Semifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:12 PM
Ingrid MikolajczykSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:54 PM
Amanda TrousdaleSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20141:24 PM
Julie MartinezSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20141:42 PM
Catherine Grace CoxSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:48 PM
Matthew QueenSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20141:06 PM
Galeano SalasSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20141:12 PM
Camille SkyeSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20141:30 PM
Shannon GraceSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/201412:42 PM
Candice ChungSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20141:54 PM
Adelaide TrombettaSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20141:18 PM
Nicole WoodwardSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20141:00 PM
Jared SchwartzSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20141:36 PM
Teresa CastilloSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20142:06 PM
Leigh TomlinsonSemifinal Round, Classical Univ/YA, Madero Room05/25/20142:00 PM
Levan Abutidze2nd Round Classical YA, Carranza Room (10-2)05/23/201410:00 AM

2nd Round, Musical Theatre High School Division

First Name Last Name Next Round Next Room Next Date Next Time
Alison Pogorelc Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:15 p.m.
Brian McCallister Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:05 p.m
Claire Gallagher Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:20 p.m.
Daniel Lopez Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:40 p.m.
Dominique Fisher Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:30 p.m.
Dominique Ruffalo Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:00 p.m.
Emma Lord Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:50 p.m.
Emmi Malcolmson Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:35 p.m.
James Damore Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:45 p.m.
James Nydam Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:25 p.m.
Jonah Hoskins Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:10 p.m.
Lauren Hickey Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:55 p.m.
Maria Sofia Giovanetti Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:45 p.m.
MariaInes Echeverria Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:15 p.m.
Matt Hoffman Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:25 p.m.
Miles Horne Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:05 p.m.
Monica Music Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 1:30 p.m.
Sara Sanderson Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:40 p.m.
Sarah Barker Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:10 p.m.
Sarah Parker Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:50 p.m.
Shaye Hutson Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:35 p.m.
Zachary Fernback Semifinal Hidalgo 25-May 12:20 p.m.

Preliminary Round Winners

High School
Texas Regional Preliminary Round

High School
Name Next Round, Room Next Date Next Time
Emmi Malcolmson 2nd, Sabino 5/24 4:06 p.m.
Hannah Ceniseros 2nd, Madero 5/24 4:48 p.m.
Jacob Brown 2nd, Encino 5/24 3:00 p.m.
Jennifer Bate 2nd, Sabino 5/24 4:00 p.m.
Jodi Mitchell 2nd, Encino 5/24 11:54 a.m.
Matthew Goodheart 2nd, Madero 5/24 12:36 p.m.
Michelle Ravitsky 2nd, Sabino 5/24 5:00 p.m.
Monica Lockwood 2nd, Madero 5/24 11:18 a.m.
Sarah Shoaf 2nd, Encino 5/24 11:12 a.m.
High School
Musical Theatre
Name Next Round, Room Next Date Next Time
Cody Weaver-Carlson 2nd, Hidalgo 5/24 1:36 p.m.
Dominique Fisher 2nd, Hidalgo 5/24 6:12 p.m.
Emily Robins 2nd, Hidalgo 5/24 4:18 p.m.
Emmi Malcolmson 2nd, Hidalgo 5/24 1:24 p.m.
Jessica Morgan 2nd, Hidalgo 5/24 9:48 p.m.
Malia Diaz 2nd, Hidalgo 5/24 9:54 p.m.
Malik Heard 2nd, Hidalgo 5/24 9:36 p.m.
Ryan Melosini 2nd, Hidalgo 5/24 3:48 p.m.
Tessa McQueen 2nd, Hidalgo 5/24 9:42 p.m.

Texas Regional Preliminary Round

Name Next Round, Room Next Date Next Time
Caitlin Duckworth 2nd, Encino 5/23 12:29 p.m.
Flora Wall 2nd, Encino 5/23 5:55 p.m.
Joanna Ceja 2nd, Encino 5/23 5:27 p.m.
Kjersti Cooper 2nd, Lantana 5/23 10:56 a.m.
Rachel Abbate 2nd, Encino 5/23 11:05 a.m.
Sarah McDowell 2nd, Lantana 5/23 3:21 p.m.
Young Artist
Name Next Round, Room Next Date Next Time
Amanda Strader 2nd, Madero 5/23 11:17 a.m.
Ashley Maffuccio 2nd, Carranza 5/23 10:35 a.m.
Brittany Andam 2nd, Madero 5/23 3:07 p.m.
Camille Skye 2nd, Madero 5/23 11:03. a.m.
Jake Jacobsen 2nd, Madero 5/23 11:31 a.m.
Keun Won Park 2nd, Carranza 5/23 11:24 a.m.
Megan Cullen 2nd, Madero 5/23 11:10 a.m.
University/Young Artist
Musical Theatre
Name Next Round, Room Next Date Next Time
Amanda Strader Semifinal, Hidalgo 5/25 11:25 a.m.
Joshua Banbury Semifinal, Hidalgo 5/25 9:45 a.m.
Pier Lamia Porter Semifinal, Hidalgo 5/25 11:55 a.m.

Last-Chance Online Round
Name Competition Division
Alexandra Zaidspiner Musical Theatre High School
Amanda Valenzuela Classical High School
Amanda Larkin Classical Young Artist
Amanda Valenzuela Musical Theatre High School
Anne Gill Classical Young Artist
Candice Maughan Classical Young Artist
Carole Schultz Classical Young Artist
Cassandra Zepeda Classical University
Claire Nordstrom Classical High School
Darian Hutchinson Classical University
DaShawn Williams Classical High School
Ellyn Culmsee Classical University
Emma Doupe Classical Young Artist
Emma Lord Musical Theatre High School
Gabriela Lipson Classical High School
Gabriela Lipson Musical Theatre High School
Galeano Salas Classical Young Artist
Haley Whitney Classical University
Holly Campbell Classical High School
Holly Hinchliffe Classical High School
Holly Hinchliffe Musical Theatre High School
Hyun Duk Kim Musical Theatre Young Artist
Jeannie Miller Classical High School
Jillian Hoffman Classical High School
Joanna Latini Classical University
Joshua Burke Musical Theatre High School
Kameron Lopreore Classical Young Artist
Katarina Ivancik Classical High School
Katherine Leidlein Classical High School
Katie Carey Classical University
Leah Haynes Classical High School
Leigh Tomlinson Classical Young Artist
Lorena Witte Classical High School
Manny Sanoja Classical Young Artist
Melinda Orengo Musical Theatre High School
Nancy Saint Pierre Classical University
Patricia O'Keefe Classical Young Artist
Princess Strickland Musical Theatre High School
Rosemary Crimp Classical High School
Ryan Brock Classical Young Artist
Sangeetha Ekambaram Classical Young Artist
Sean Fahy Classical University
Sierra Worman Classical High School
Tatum Spears Classical University

National Online Round
Name Competition Division
Abagael Cheng Classical High School
Abbey Mandracchia Classical High School
Abigail Beerwart Classical High School
Abigail Jackson Classical University
Abigail Kempson Classical Young Artist
Abigayle Stoetzer Classical High School
Alexandra Porter Classical Young Artist
Alexandra Probst Classical High School
Alexis Gill Classical University
Alexis Lucarelli Musical Theatre High School
Alison Pogorelc Musical Theatre High School
Ally Bryant Musical Theatre High School
Amalia Crevani Classical High School
Amalia Crevani Musical Theatre High School
Amelia Farber Classical University
Andrea Gadzinski Classical High School
Andrea Walker Classical High School
Andrew Paulson Musical Theatre High School
Anna Dugan Classical University
Anna Ginther Classical High School
Anna Louise Martin Classical High School
Anya Olsen Musical Theatre High School
Anya Olsen Classical High School
Arielle Carrara Classical University
Ashique Sampson Musical Theatre High School
Ashley Alden Classical Young Artist
Ashley Becker Classical Young Artist
Audrey Davis Classical University
Benjamin Dickerson Classical University
Benjamin Wenzelberg Classical High School
Blake Bard Classical Young Artist
Blake Lampton Classical University
Brendan Rosell Musical Theatre High School
Brendan Rosell Classical High School
Brian McCallister Musical Theatre High School
Brian McCallister Classical High School
Briana Earhart Classical High School
Briana Earhart Musical Theatre High School
Brianna Barnhart Musical Theatre High School
Brianna Barnhart Classical High School
Brianna Gilliam Classical University
Brianna Lombino Classical University
Bridget Ravenscraft Classical High School
Brittany Walker Classical Young Artist
Brittany Winans Musical Theatre High School
Brooke Iva Lohman Classical Young Artist
Brooke Wahlstrom Classical University
Bryan Daly Classical High School
Bryan Lane Classical Young Artist
Bryan Pollock Classical Young Artist
Caitlin Daniels Classical High School
Candace Bogan Classical Young Artist
Carly Sinclair Classical University
Casie Maghran Musical Theatre High School
Cassi Torres McNabb Musical Theatre Young Artist
Celine Sanel Musical Theatre High School
Chalon Murray Classical High School
Christina Buchanan Classical High School
Christina Buchanan Musical Theatre High School
Christina Kidd Musical Theatre University
Christine Jay Classical University
Chrystal Chen Classical High School
Claire Bergan Classical High School
Claire Weber Classical Young Artist
Claudia Oh Classical University
Cristina Caperna Musical Theatre University
Daniel Lopez Musical Theatre High School
Danielle Barnett Classical High School
Dante Mireles Classical High School
David Estrada Classical High School
Daye Lim Classical Young Artist
Dominique Ruffalo Musical Theatre High School
Elise Mark Classical Young Artist
Elizabeth Barry Classical Young Artist
Elizabeth Jones Classical Young Artist
Elizabeth Wells Classical University
Emily Johnson Classical University
Emily Siar Classical University
Emily Skeen Classical University
Emma Critchfield Classical High School
Emma Hausler Musical Theatre High School
Eric Carey Classical University
Erica Williams Classical Young Artist
Ericka Hopkins Classical University
Evan Snyder Classical University
Freya Irani Classical High School
Grant Yosenick Classical University
Hannah Kilpatrick Musical Theatre High School
Hannah Kilpatrick Classical High School
Heather Mentz Classical University
Hyunwoo Cho Classical Young Artist
Isaac J. Sprague Musical Theatre High School
J Tisdale Classical Young Artist
Jack Lindberg Classical High School
James Nydam Classical High School
James Nydam Musical Theatre High School
Janell Stallard Classical University
Janell Stallard Musical Theatre University
Jared Schwartz Classical Young Artist
Jasmine Gonzalez Classical Young Artist
Jeannette Lee Classical University
Jennifer Cramer Musical Theatre High School
Jennifer McKay Classical University
Jeremy Lipton Musical Theatre High School
Jinyoung Kwon Classical Young Artist
Jody Becker Musical Theatre High School
Johanna Bazan Musical Theatre High School
John Haas Musical Theatre Young Artist
Jonah Hoskins Musical Theatre High School
Jonah Hoskins Classical High School
Joshua Burke Classical High School
Joshua Cook Classical University
Julia Bellantoni Classical High School
Julia Cohen Musical Theatre High School
Julia Cohen Classical High School
Julia Losner Classical High School
Julia Losner Musical Theatre High School
Julia Miller Classical Young Artist
Julia Wolcott Classical Young Artist
Kaitlyn Christian Classical University
Kaitlyn Riel Musical Theatre University
Kaitlyn Russell Musical Theatre University
Kate Matheson Musical Theatre High School
Katherine Phillips Musical Theatre High School
Katheryne Baker Classical University
Kathleen Meyer Musical Theatre High School
Kathryn Rische Classical High School
Kathryn Wiese Musical Theatre Young Artist
Katie ORourke Musical Theatre High School
Keenen Kelley Classical University
Kelsey Harrison Classical Young Artist
Kristal Daniels Classical University
Kristen Mary Fitzpatrick Musical Theatre High School
Kyle Metze Musical Theatre University
Lana Graves Musical Theatre High School
Lana Kanen Classical High School
Lana Kanen Musical Theatre High School
Lance Orta Classical University
Landon Ryden Musical Theatre High School
Laura Fishman Classical High School
Laura Jordan Classical University
Laura Martinez Leon Classical Young Artist
Lauren Bell Classical High School
Lauren Pfeiffer Musical Theatre University
Lauren Urso Musical Theatre University
Lauren Urso Classical University
Leah Scholnick Classical High School
Leah Winstanley Classical High School
Leah Winstanley Musical Theatre High School
Leyly Bagherof Classical High School
Lillian Broderick Classical University
Lindsay Lymer Classical University
Lindsay McAuliffe Musical Theatre High School
Lydia Eiche Classical University
Lydia Eiche Musical Theatre University
Maayan Voss de Bettancourt Classical Young Artist
Maddi Bishoff Musical Theatre High School
Maddie Baillio Musical Theatre High School
Madison Aicher Musical Theatre High School
Malia Diaz Classical High School
Mara Fraccaro Musical Theatre Young Artist
Maria Simaz Classical High School
MariaInes Echeverria Classical High School
Marissa Diehl Classical High School
Martha Hellermann Musical Theatre High School
Melanie Berman Classical High School
Melinda Orengo Classical High School
Melissa Chavez Classical Young Artist
Mikki Sodergren Musical Theatre Young Artist
Miranda Shapiro Classical High School
Miranda Wells Classical High School
Misty Birtcher Classical High School
Molly Geppelt Musical Theatre High School
Monica Music Classical High School
Monica Music Musical Theatre High School
Morgan Vermeulen Musical Theatre High School
Natalie Aaronson Musical Theatre High School
Natalie Sheppard Classical High School
Nicole Chamberlin Musical Theatre University
Nicole Chamberlin Classical University
Nicole Pietrangelo Musical Theatre University
Nicole Stover Musical Theatre High School
Nicole Stover Classical High School
Olivia Thompson Classical Young Artist
Padraic Costello Classical Young Artist
Page Michels Classical High School
Patrick Boland Classical University
Phoebe Garvie Classical High School
Quinn Bernegger Classical University
Rachel Weinstock Classical University
Ramya Mukund Classical University
Raquel Fatiuk Classical Young Artist
Rebecca Salganik Classical High School
Rob Saldana Classical University
Robert Balonek Classical Young Artist
Robert Weber Classical High School
Robert Weber Musical Theatre High School
Ruben Romero Classical University
Ruth Rankin Classical Young Artist
Sara Sanderson Musical Theatre High School
Sara Sanderson Classical High School
Sarah Barker Musical Theatre High School
Sarah Barker Classical High School
Sarah Clementine Mire Classical High School
Sarah Le Van Classical High School
Sarah Parker Musical Theatre High School
Sarah Szeibel Classical University
Sarah Waters Classical University
Savannah Adams Musical Theatre High School
Shelbi Herndon Classical University
Shelby Cox Classical High School
Shelen Hughes Classical High School
Shruthi Rajasekar Classical High School
Sophia Palomo Classical High School
Sophia Palomo Musical Theatre High School
Sophie Leung-Wolf Classical High School
Stephanie Park Musical Theatre Young Artist
Stephanie Weiss Classical University
Stephany Prodromos Musical Theatre High School
Stephany Prodromos Classical High School
Stephen Saharic Classical University
Steven David Myles Classical Young Artist
Sydney Poynton Musical Theatre High School
Tamara Beliy Classical Young Artist
Tammie Bradley Classical Young Artist
Taylor Dant Classical University
Teresa Castillo Classical Young Artist
Terra Giddens Classical High School
Thomas West Classical High School
Tiffany Dimaano Musical Theatre High School
Tiffany Rekem Classical High School
Titus Kautz Classical University
Tyrell Wilde Classical University
Victoria Guzman-Grass Classical High School
Victoria Lim Classical University
Virginia Mims Classical High School
Yael Chanukov Musical Theatre High School
Yuki Dean Classical High School
Zachary Fernback Musical Theatre High School
Zachary Lobman Classical High School

Arizona State University
High School
Christofer Moffitt
Corinne Vance
Daniel Lopez
Kresley Figueroa
Teo Munteanu

Azusa Pacific University
High School
Kristen Fetah
Madeline Van Otten
William Brooks
Yilan Dai
Emma Ho'o
Jose Maldonado
Jymmy Aguilar

University Division Winners (left to right):
Jose Maldonado, Emma Ho'o, Jymmy Aguilar; Azusa Pacific University Opera and Voice faculty: Dr. Melanie Galloway, Rebecca Genzink, Douglas Sumi

The Boston Conservatory
High School
Bernard Khalil
Charles Sciascia (3rd Place)
Cristina Gallo
Erica Maul
Holly Alexander (2nd Place)
Natalie Vatcher
Nicholas Marmor
Nicole Burke (1st Place)
Maddy Rassaby
Alexandra Armantrading
Camille Sherman (2nd Place tie)
Christiana Meeks (1st Place)
Erica Petrocelli
Leland Clark
Victoria Esposito (2nd Place tie)
Young Artist
Allison Lindsay
Brynne Pulver
Jessica Jacobs (1st Place)
Shannon Grace (3rd Place)
Sophie-Nouchka Wemel (2nd Place)
Suzanne Lis

Chapman University
High School
Alex Granito (1st Place)
Alexander Papandrea
Brittany Minnis-Lemley
Hannah Kidwell
Isabel Bellino (2nd Place)
Jason Risdana
Katie Ahmann
Olivia Spencer
Phoebe Lyons
Ryan Melosini
Solene LeVan (3rd Place)
Sydney Dardis

Cleveland Institute of Music
Amber Christine
Hillary Krutchick
Spencer Boyd
William Meinert
Young Artist
Courtney Wallace
Shaun McGrath

Cornish College
High School
Alexandra Johnson
Mary Elizabeth Adler
Aaron Norman
Maria Kerlee
Musical Theatre
Leigh Toltz
Young Artist
Serena Eduljee

The Crane School of Music (SUNY Potsdam)
Collin Shay
Emily King
Kellian Ribaudo
William Zino
Xenia Cumento
Yvonne Trobe
Young Artist
Timothy Lanigan

DePauw University
High School
Henry Lindeman - 2nd Place
Katey Swaney - 3rd Place
Meridian Prall - 1st Place
Nicholas Gehring
Savannah Adams
High School
Musical Theatre
Kristin Doty

Eastman School of Music
High School
Ariana Maubach (1st Place)
Jacob Feldman (2nd Place)
Jenna Reade
Madeleine Worndl
Madison Williams
Magdalyn Chauby
Michael Johnston (3rd Place)
High School
Musical Theatre
Emily-Margaret Cares
James Damore (First Place)
Jeff Kringer
Mariajesus Valdes (Second Place)
Carolyn Castillo (1st Place)
Matthew Hernandez
Oleksandra Verzole (3rd Place)
Rachel Mikol (2nd Place)
Young Artist
Brittany Walker (1st Place)
Candice Chung (2nd Place)
Jennifer Nicholson

Hofstra University
High School
Emma Haley
High School
Musical Theatre
Annie Fitzgerald
Matt Hoffman
David Davani
Frantz Jean
Heather O'Donovan
Jianan Huang
Young Artist
Brenda Belohoubek
Daniel Curran

James Madison University
High School
Anna Balan
Dominique Fisher
Jasmine Ismail
Sara Goldman
Tanya Malykh
Taylor Zentz
Alexander Ryan
Anissa Corser
Nicole Hodgins
Young Artist
Adelaide Trombetta (Highest Honors)
Hyo Eun Jung
Martha Hensler
Taryn Holback

Mannes College
High School
Hansini Bhasker
Shereen Pimentel
Tyler Cervini
High School
Musical Theatre
Shereen Pimentel
Alessio Farina
Emilia DiCola
Inseok Choi
Ting Li
William Hurwitz
Young Artist
Allison Wamser
Young Artist
Musical Theatre
Kyle Torrence

Murray State University
High School
Julie Proctor

New York University
High School
Kristen Mary Fitzpatrick
Lauren Curet
Nivi Ravi
Sarah King
High School
Musical Theatre
Christa Steiner
David Epstein
Julian Guerrieri
Brian Michael Moore
Erika Baikoff
Hannah Gorman
Isaac Assor
Juliet Morris
Kathleen Friedman
Matthew Ross
Nadia Aguilar
Sheila Houlahan
Young Artist
Brad Baron
Kristen Seikaly
Meghan Picerno
Rachel Anne Hippert
Shannon Alexander
Tyler Lee
Young Artist
Musical Theatre
Brian Giebler
Joanne Shea
Katherine Corle

North Park University
High School
Louis Santiago
Maggie Veltri
Haley Vick
Kelsey Sommer Weston
Young Artist
Eleni Franck
Kojelyte Johnson
Sara Schabas

Pepperdine University
High School
Alisa Deen
Ashley Renee
Christiaan Westerkamp
Georgia Mendes
Hailey Hoffman
Ian Gabriel Luna
Joanna Kim
Lauren Hickey
Miranda Ford
Olivia Kellett
Ryan Murphy
Sehee Park
High School
Musical Theatre
Alisa Deen
Genevieve Ellis
Georgia Mendes
Lauren Hickey
Lillian Buonocore
Catherine Kenney
Emily Peterson
Kyle Rudolph
Chase Chandler
David Chung
Musical Theatre
Lauren Lugo
Grant Yosenick
Young Artist
Lesley Baird
Mark Covey
Melissa Piantedosi
Samantha Geraci-Yee

Portland State University
High School
Carlyle Cooney
Cyra Conforth
Rebecca Yakos (1st Place)
Trevor Dunn (2nd Place)
Aaron Lange
Alexandra Erickson (1st Place)
Kimani Troy Iba
Rebecca Wright
Young Artist
Daniel White
Jocelyn Thomas
Rebecca Sacks (1st Place)

San Francisco Conservatory of Music
High School
Jacqueline Kerns
Kate Matheson
Megan Fleischmann
Moorea Corrigan
Nicole Koh
Tara Scown
Allie Jessing
Ashley Valentine
Chloe Smart
Elenna Davis
Young Artist
Abigail Dueppen

Shorter University
High School
Carley Beth Goode
Lily Balshan
Sarah Harbaugh
Seth Watring
High School
Musical Theatre
Olivia Babuka Black
Annie Hopson
Jordan Flynn
Young Artist
Kira Gaillard
Randall Perkins

High School
Emily Price (3rd Place)
Deanna Rupp (2nd Place)
Miranda Willis
Samuel Wilson (1st Place)
Blake Jennings (2nd Place)
Emily Champagne (3rd Place)
Hannah Urias (1st Place)
Young Artist
Amanda Trousdale (1st Place)
Amelia Ciskey (2nd Place)
Suzanne Gregory (3rd Place)

Temple University
High School
Anthony Sharp (1st Place tie)
Caitlin DiCara
Chloe DeCleen (2nd Place)
Hayley Maloney (1st Place tie)
James Damore
High School
Musical Theatre
Alexis Santaniello (1st Place tie)
Asia DeShields (1st Place tie)
Chloe DeCleene (2nd Place)
Claire Gallagher
Emily-Margaret Ceres
Christopher Hochstuhl (2nd Place)
Jae Moon Park
Jamie Rapaport (1st Place)
Jessica Moreno
Musical Theatre
Kiera Smith
Young Artist
Chad Somers (1st Place)
Julia Gebhardt (2nd Place)
Lauren Giza (3rd Place)
Young Artist
Musical Theatre
Julia Gebhardt (1st Place)

Texas Tech University
Miriam Nelson
Young Artist
Melissa Arnold
Hailey Stockton
Tiffany Nack

Tulane University
High School
Christina Hera
Garri Paul
Lindsey Reynolds
Samyra Miller
Whitney Campbell
High School
Musical Theatre
Amanda Boe
Janie Chow
Juan Carlos Hernandez
Mark Anthony Thomas
Musical Theatre
Alexander Adams
Brian Silver
Juan Carlos Hernandez
Young Artist
Amber James
Cody Laun
Elizabeth Evans
Young Artist
Musical Theatre
Melanie Gardner

University of Houston
High School
Brett Baker
Carolyn Nuelle
Emilie Young
Lauren Gusman (3rd Place)
Madeleine Lyon (2nd Place)
Marissa Pyron (1st Place)
Shelby Allison
Alyssa Weathersby
Andrew Gilstrap (2nd Place)
Dorian McCall (3rd Place)
Kandace Wyatt
Maxwell Porterfield (1st Place)
Young Artist
Heath Martin
Katrina Van Maanen (1st Place tie)
Nicole Woodward (1st Place tie)
Shani Cohen

University of Miami
High School
Cameron Wooley (3rd Place)
Esther Schneider (1st Place)
Isabel Signoret (2nd Place)
Andres Lasaga (1st Place)
Anna Sust (3rd Place)
Megan Saslow (2nd Place)
Young Artist
Diana Na (3rd Place)
Julie Marintez (2nd Place)
Melissa Ruiz (1st Place)

University of Michigan
Francesca Chiejina
Young Artist
Lacy Sauter
Tessa Roman

University of Minnesota
High School
Emma Woods (1st Place)
Anthony DeFino (2nd Place)
Paige Nordquist (3rd Place)
Jessica Nesbit (1st Place)
Briana Moynihan (2nd Place tie)
Megan Lowe (2nd Place tie)
Young Artist
Victoria McKean (1st Place)
Ingrid Mikolajczyk (2nd Place)
Christine Killian (3rd Place)

University of Mississippi
Andrew Ross
Young Artist
Catherine Grace Cox
Marlayna Maynard
Matthew Queen
Rachel Alexander

University of Northern Colorado
High School
Maria Sofia Giovanetti (1st Place)
Miles Horne (3rd Place)
Tessa McQueen (2nd Place)
High School
Musical Theatre
Maria Sofia Giovanetti (1st Place)
Miles Horne (2nd Place)
Tessa Robinson (3rd Place)
Adelia Adam (1st Place)
Emily Johnson (2nd Place)
Young Artist
Chris Woiwood (1st Place)
Corinne Denny (2nd Place)

University of Notre Dame
High School
Elise Hurwitz
Erin Johnson
Sarah Neal
Shannon Keegan
High School
Musical Theatre
Cassandra Buescher
Joseph Cooney
Lina Willard
Nina White
Shaye Hutson
Tyler Strayer
Musical Theatre
Katharine Connolly
Sydney Norwalk
Young Artist
Gabrielle Reed
Young Artist
Musical Theatre
Katherine Schuman
Zachary Coates

University of South Carolina
High School
Annabelle Martin
Austin Farris
Brenna Williams
Liana Mosley
Madeline Lillich
High School
Musical Theatre
Alina Basiuk
Ashlyn Combs
Brenna Wiliams
Cassandra Brooks
Jessica Kirschner
Jessica Albano
Kate Wilson
Kayla Fore
Young Artist
Brittany Cusak
Rachel Hansbury

University of the Pacific
High School
Erica Wan (3rd Place)
Ian Clark
Meghan Greene (1st Place)
Nikhar Agrawal (2nd Place)
Vasudha Rengarajan

University of Utah
High School
Jessica Morgan (1st Place)
Marialnes Echeverria (2nd Place)
Alyssa Jenks (1st Place)
Kevin Smith (2nd Place)
Lillian Dixon (3rd Place)
Young Artist
Amber Stachitus (1st Place)
Blair Ball (2nd Place)

Lacy Burchfield
Young Artist
Cordelia Anderson
Lindsay Cunningham
Nicole Harris
Pier Lamia Porter

Utah Conservatory
High School
Calliway Levin (3rd Place)
Emma Fox (1st Place tie)
Ingrid Iverson
Jessie Robinson (1st Place tie)
Madison Carr
High School
Musical Theatre
Alexa Wilcox (2nd Place)
Calloway Levin
Eileen Riley
Emma Fox (1st Place)
Hana Gottlieb (3rd Place)
Jessie Robinson
Dru Daniels
Musical Theatre
Barrett Penrod
Katie Maxwell (1st Place)

Utah State University
High School
Myla Coletti
High School
Musical Theatre
Aaron Linford
Susie Carroll
Young Artist
Musical Theatre
Chase Cornett
Megan Tholen

Viterbo University
High School
Benjamin Punla Smith
Cameron Rao
Ciana Rose
Saloni Rao
Anna Parks
Ashley Mispagel
Audra Fuchsel
Austin Sanders
Carly Ochoa
Dani Leikam
Jacob Engel
Raymond Graybar

Walnut Hill School for the Arts
High School
Caroline Eberhard
Francesca Lionetta
Lindsay McAuliffe
Lydia Li
Madeline Meyer
Matt Chang
MinSeong Kim
Olivia Mastorakos
Sisombat Bosbapan

Wiliam Jewell College
High School
Abigail Becker
Skyler Dykes (1st Place)
David Sanchez (1st Place)
Young Artist
Kristen Walker
Loriana Zavala (1st Place)
Martin Wilson

Thanks for your participation!

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