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CS Music Convention 2017
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Audition Feedback Experience

Work on your audition and get immediate verbal feedback at the AFE.

Since 2009 singers boast that the AFE was the highlight of their Convention weekend. They insist that it changed how they audition and that it changed their career. Sign up and let it change the way you audition and let it change your career.

Sign up in Spring 2017 for a 15-minutes audition. The Audition Feedback Experience participantion is by registration only. All Convention Class Pass holders can attend the session, but only those that register to sing can get feedback.


Auditions for Houses & Programs

Register to work on your audition for opera houses, management, YAPs, grad school, college programs, or your next competition audition. First the panel listens to your audition, then you listen to their immediate reactions to your audition. Ask questions. Hear feedback on everything, including technique, song selection, materials, appearance, and more.


Work with Coaches

Another great option is to audition with our amazing coaches. These are the same great coaches who will be accompanying the CS Vocal Competition. Get tips on working with your accompanist, preparing for your audition, and inside information they've gleaned from their years of competition work.


Watch the Auditions

All Convention Class Pass holders can also watch all of the auditions. Learn more by observing other auditions and hear the feedback they receive.


Preparing for Your Audition Feedback Experience Session

AFE is your opportunity to present what you consider to be your complete audition package. The panelist will be prepared to work with singers at all levels, so you should prepare your own personal version of a standard audition package that applies to your current audition level. If you are in the process of applying to grad schools, YAPs or for professional roles, prepare what is considered a "standard" audition presentation for that opportunity. We will not be sending out any special requests or requirements for the auditions.

At its most generic, we recommend you bring a headshot, resume, and come with the standard 4-5 contrasting art songs, arias, or oratorio selections in multiple languages as appropriate for your level. You should adjust this as suited to your experiences.

Be prepared to enter and perform as if this were an actual audition. Wear appropriate audition attire and present yourself in full audition form.

The panelist will let you know if you've brought what they think you need. They will let you know what you're lacking or what needs to be improved.

We suggest you search the Classical Singer magazine archives for articles on preparing audition materials. Search Classical Singer Archives


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