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CS Music Convention 2018
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Convention Classes

Come for the Competition. Stay for 4 days of masterclasses.

Sing every day in masterclasses taught by colleges, universities, summer programs, and exhibitors. Get more face time with prospective programs. Get to know them better and let them get to know you. Want to be sure to sing in their class? Visit the presenting program in the Expo Hall and ask for their sign up sheet.

Typical masterclass topics are Successful Auditions, Acting & Musicianship, Musical Theatre, Choosing Audition Repertoire, Speech Resonance, Overcoming Performance Anxiety, and more!

Registration Options:
Convention Pass
Attend High School, University, and Emerging Professional Classes, access to the Expo Hall, and one Final Round Concert ticket. Free to all CS Vocal Competition participants; no registration necessary.

+1 Pass
Parents and teachers get the +1 Pass to attend classes with your singer. This includes Convention Classes and the Audition Feedback Experience, access to the Expo Hall, and one Final Round Concert ticket.

Parents and teachers coming solo pay the regular Convention Class Pass.
Grand Finale Concert Ticket
Hear the best 3 singers of each division perform and compete for cash prizes and scholarships. Guests under 12 years old are free.

Grand Finale & Awards Round - Sunday, May 28, 6:30 pm.

Audition Feedback Experience
Singers of every level learn how to nail their next audition or competition. Register for a 15-minute audition session.

View AFE Sesssions Available


CS Vocal Competition participants receive a complimentary Convention Class Pass to attend High School, University, and Emerging Professional classes. No registration is necessary. Just pick your pass up at the Convention Registration Desk.

Convention Classes are listed as High School, University, or Emerging Professional to help you pick the classes right for your career. You can attend any class on the schedule, but the audience levels will help you choose the class best for you.

Convention Class Passes and +1 Passes include one Final Round Concert ticket.

The Audition Feedback Experience participantion is by registration only. All Convention Class Pass holders can attend the session, but only those that register to sing may participate.

Please note: These classes aren't necessarily a preview of the presenting school. Plan to visit with exhibitors at the Expo to learn more about their programs.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 877-515-9800.

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