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Classical Singer magazine began in 1988 as The New York Opera Newsletter. For years it provided in-depth insights about the New York opera scene to its subscribers. But interest in the newsletter grew rapidly and the demand for more information by opera and classical singers from around the world stimulated a transformation. Classical Singer magazine was thus born out of demand from classical singers.

In 2011 Classical Singer launched its own auditions website,, to feature opportunities for all types of singers--classical, musical theatre, jazz, and more. Auditions Plus includes auditions, competitions, summer programs, university programs, young artist programs, and singer profiles. It has quickly become a vital source for singers and teachers as they look for paid jobs, volunteer positions, and training opportunities.

Welcome to Classical Singer and Auditions Plus. It's more than a magazine and website; it's a movement.


"I highly recommend Classical Singer magazine.
The information it includes is highly valuable to singers. I myself enjoy reading it."

- Marilyn Horne, Mezzo-Soprano

Classical Singer Magazine Subscriptions

  • Print Subscription (includes Premium Web Subscription) ($58)
    • 10 printed issues of the magazine
    • Auditions Plus online auditions management and calendar tool
    • Online access to Auditions and Competitions databases
    • Regular Audition E-mail Alerts
    • Online access to Current Articles, CS Archives, and CS Directories
    • Subscriber discounts

  • Web Only - Premium ($45)
    • Auditions Plus online auditions management and calendar tool
    • Online access to Auditions and Competitions databases
    • Regular Audition E-mail Alerts
    • Online access to Current Articles, CS Archives, and all CS Directories
    • Subscriber discounts


What Others Say About Classical Singer:

"Classical Singer exudes a sense of respect, affection, and deep understanding of the elements that affect us all.  I wish it had existed when I was a young singer!"
Frederica von Stade,

"Classical Singer should be required reading for all singers, starting from their earliest entry into training for this profession and continuing into their professional careers.  Not only does the publication concentrate a huge number of audition notices for companies and competitions into one easily-accessed location, it is also filled with valuable, “hands-on” information passed down from people who are already out there “doing it”, and there is no substitution for that kind of information."
Marguerite Krull,

"My students eagerly await each new issue of your wonderful magazine.  It is a valuable source of practical, feet-on-the-ground information about both the profession and the Art form.  I am especially pleased about your categorizing the auditions according to level of experience and ability of the singer."
Glenda Maurice,
Mezzo-Soprano, Professor of Voice

"I strongly urge any student or teacher of singing to subscribe to this magazine as it is an incredible resource for professional information that is usually left for singers to learn in the College of Hard Knocks."
Mark Delavan,
Baritone, New York City Opera

"Classical Singer  is a very centering, realistic yet stimulating resource for all singers.  I recommend this magazine to everyone desiring involvement in the vocal arts in any way."
Ruth Palmer,
Vocal Coach/Accompanist 


Classical Singer Magazine, (ISSN: 1534-276X) is published monthly by Classical Singer, Corp 12896 S. Pony Express Dr. #500, Draper, UT 84020.

The opinions expressed in the manuscripts, editorials, and letters to the editor are not necessarily the opinions of the publisher.


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