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Pre-Screening for Singers: A Practical Guide to Making a Pre-Screening Recording

The Juilliard School/New England Conservatory

25 Sep 2017

With pre-screening required for almost every major music school, and invitations to live auditions becoming more selective, the recording you send with your application is becoming more and more important! Get tips and advice from admissions professionals who have heard thousands of recordings--the good and the bad--so that you can prepare your best pre-screening recording. With Lee Cioppa, Associate Dean for Admissions, The Juilliard School, and Christina Daly, Assistant Dean for Admissions, New England Conservatory.

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Training the Young Male Voice

Eastman School of Music

25 Sep 2017

Dr. Robert Swenson focuses on the classical training of the young male voice. There is a short historical outline on how the voice began to be technically guided since the time of Rossini when composers began to ask for a full-voiced extension into the top register, followed by the explanation of the developmental and technical issues challenging the young male singer. There is also a clear approach presented to help voice teachers and students understand how the male voice works and how to successfully access the upper third of their range with very specific exercises.

Total Downloads   1649

The Think System: Did Harold Hill Have It Right All Along?

Brigham Young University

25 Sep 2017

The Think System was part of Harold Hill's con in The Music Man, but research shows that how you think affects your singing. Learn how to empty and focus your mind and imagine your way to beautiful singing. Learn inner-game strategies for self-improvement using mental imagery. Presented by Dr. Arden Hopkins.

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Successful Auditioning: Tactics and Techniques

Temple University

25 Sep 2017

Excellent audition techniques are essential for singers. Discover the audition techniques that will give you the tools you need to create a dynamic first impression. In a class geared towards college-bound vocalists, Dr. Christine Anderson works with performers to uncover the dramatic intent of songs and how to project it, make technical comments on diction and presentation skills, and give advice on selecting repertoire appropriate for the college audition.

Total Downloads   1468

Designing and Developing Your Promotional Materials

Mark Stoddard

25 Sep 2017

Marketing specialist Mark Stoddard is a business leader, professor, marketer and consultant that has been helping singers get jobs for more than 20 years. He shares his insights about creating promotional materials that get results during a recent class at Utah Valley University. Mark has written 17 books on business and marketing (including one just for singers--Marketing Singers) as well as a full-length musical, several plays and a book of short stories and poems.

Total Downloads   1267

Finding Your Next Non-Singing Job

John Boyd

25 Sep 2017

In this video presentation, jobs and sales consultant expert John Boyd walks you through a step-by-step process in finding your next job. John Boyd is a keynote speaker and author on subjects related to managing emotions by embracing reality and avoiding self-deception. He has helped thousands of people find employment, improve their career paths, increase sales, and discover efficient and effective ways to market yourself in a challenging economy.

Total Downloads   1200

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