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February 2013

Cover Story

American Tune
by Olivia Giovetti

Tenor Stephen Costello and soprano Ailyn Pérez met nearly 10 years ago while students at Philadelphia’s Academy of Vocal Arts. The pair quickly found they had more in common than just music. Both come from similar working-class backgrounds and know the value of hard work. Discouraged from combining careers and lives, the couple ignored the advice. Both agree that while it does have its challenges, being together has made them both better people and better singers.

Special Features

Wonder Women
by Michelle Latour

Singers who are also moms share how they keep busy careers, family life, and personal life in check. Their candid responses reveal that it’s not always easy and they’re not always successful, but they all agree that it’s worth it.

Family-Friendly Opera
by Joanie Brittingham

Most singers are familiar with Chautauqua Opera, especially their large Young Artist Program. Many might not be familiar, however, with Chautauqua’s unique approach to accommodating professional singers’ families each summer.

Sibling Revelry
by Olivia Giovetti

Two pairs of brothers and a set of sisters, all in the midst of active singing careers, tell what it’s like to share genes, a profession, and the stage as siblings.

Gender Balance in the Workplace
by Joanie Brittingham

A book about the plusses of achieving gender balance in the workplace is shedding light on gender balance within the arts, specifically opera. Drawing attention to this issue is the first step to change.


The $50 Week - Maintaining an Even Rhythm
by Olivia Giovetti

Money and marriage can be complicated matters of both the heart and the wallet. Learn how communication can make finances much less complicated.

Ask Erda - How Not to Be the Singer Behaving Badly
by Cindy Sadler

Teachers and opera company directors weigh in to share stories of the growing trend of entitlement by many up-and-coming singers. Such an attitude can not only lead to colleagues disliking you, but it can also mean losing singing jobs. Read on to find out if your own attitude might need some adjusting.

Ask Dr. Jahn
by Anthony Jahn, M.D.

Dr. Jahn answers questions from singers about possible side effects of ADD medicine, counteracting vocally drying snorkeling, getting dizzy when singing, and more. If you have a question for Dr. Jahn, e-mail him at

The Tech-Savvy Singer - Make a Website, Part 1
by Amanda White

From scratch. Yes, you. Yes, really.

The Entrepreneurial Career - Time Management - The Article You Don't Have Time to Read
by Amanda Keil

Do you have trouble finding time in the day for everything on your list? Or perhaps you find it difficult to stay focused on what’s most important to accomplish your great ideas? Find a variety of methods to help you use your time more efficiently while working toward your bigger, long-term goals.

In Every Issue

Bulletin Board - News, Tidbits, Musings, and more
by Maria Nockin

by CS Staff

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From the Editor - Music and Family
by Sara Thomas

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