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February 2017

Cover Story

Mid-Career Magic: - Piotr Beczala
by Lisa Houston

Tenor Piotr Beczala is having a meaningful career, built over decades of consistent excellence that keeps him in high demand at the world’s most illustrious houses, as he continues to benefit greatly from the support of his wife, Katarzyna, who gave up her own successful career as a singer two decades ago to support and travel with him. But his career also stands on a foundation of respect and serious attention paid to the lineage of singers that preceded him. Perhaps it’s that awe for both the past and present that has helped Beczala find a remarkable sense of balance in his personal and professional life, all of which he discusses in this exclusive interview.

Special Features

The Music Major Minute: - Interns, Volunteers, and Apprentices—Oh My!
by Christi Amonson

Even if you know your long-term goal is a career on the stage, taking a look at some other jobs in the music industry is never a bad idea, and an internship can be a great place to start.

Musings on Mechanics - Why Can't We all Get a Song? The Perils and Paradoxes of Auditions
by Claudia Friedlander

Nary a singer loves to audition. And a Twitter account highlighting things “overheard” at auditions shows how they often bring out the worst in singers, even though every singer goes in hoping to show their best. Claudia Friedlander takes a look at this and other contradictions of the audition scene.

Two Sides to Anne-Carolyn Bird’s Story
by Greg Waxberg

One year ago this month, CS’s cover story featured Anne-Carolyn Bird and her husband, Matthew Burns, two singers on the road with their young family. This year, we catch up again with Bird to find out how her family’s changing needs led to an unexpected but perfect career change.

Love Story - A Chronicle of Amore Opera
by Rachel Antman

Sit down with a hot cocoa on a February day and read this true story of how a dedicated group of musicians saved the opera company they loved.

Winning the Universe's Lottery - Ana Maria Ugarte and Brian Landry
by Michelle Latour

Two singers with two small children share how they manage singing careers, disabilities, parenting, and much more.

The Singer’s Library: - Matters of the Heart
by Brian Manternach

Singer and voice teacher Agatha Carubia melds yogic philosophies and classical singing technique in her recent book. Carubia has found that her methods for opening the body and freeing the voice can help singers of all genres, including her student Katy Perry. Read more about her unique technique and how she is sharing it with students and voice teachers.

In Every Issue

From the Editor - Love and Sacrifice
by Sara Thomas

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