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July 2017

Cover Story

“Do Not Go, My Love” - A Song’s Centenary
by Nico de Villiers

“Do not go, my love, without asking my leave. I have watched all night and now my eyes are heavy with sleep.” These are the opening lines of Richard Hageman’s most famous song, “Do Not Go, My Love,” which also happens to be the first one he ever wrote. It has become one of the classics of the American art song genre. But where does the song come from? Who is the beloved in the poem, and who spoke these words? This year marks a centenary since the publication of “Do Not Go, My Love,” and by delving deeper into its history and celebrating it with various performances and lectures, the Richard Hageman Society celebrates the song, the man, and the legacy.

Special Features

Persistently Patient: Karolina Pilou
by Maria Nockin

The young Greek mezzo-soprano Karolina Pilou has a lot going for her. Not only is her voice big and dramatic, it also is at home in the coloratura repertoire. She has had supportive teachers and influential mentors like Martina Arroyo and Dolora Zajick. And she recently made her Metropolitan Opera debut as Berta in The Barber of Seville. But it hasn’t all been easy. Two years ago, Pilou decided she needed to be kinder to herself—resulting in a 120-pound weight loss. Here she shares her philosophies about singing, weight loss, and the balance between making and waiting for things to happen.

Top 10 Personality Traits a Singer Needs to Ditch
by Michelle Latour

Don’t alienate potential hirers or current colleagues through your bad behavior.

Passion and Politics - Lift Every Voice and Sing
by Jonathan Blalock

Using your voice to promote integrity can have a great influence. Tenor Jonathan Blalock shares his experiences doing so and offers ideas on how to use music as a force for good.

Deborah Birnbaum - Breath Technician
by Claudia Friedlander

Breathing is the foundation of all solid vocal production. Master teacher Deborah Birnbaum shares her insights on the subject while her students and colleagues share their views on her expert instruction.


The Music Major Minute: - Summer forecast-Mostly Mozart with a Chance of Da Ponte
by Christi Amonson

Searching for the perfect repertoire to spend some quality time with this summer? Look no further than the art songs and arias of Mozart.

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing - International Debut for Maggie Finnegan
by Michelle Latour

Winning a competition gained soprano Maggie Finnegan international attention and led to her last paid gig: soloing with orchestra at a music festival in South Korea.

The Singer’s Library - A Hybrid Profession: Singing Voice Rehabilitation Specialist
by Brian Manternach

In her new book, author Leda Scearce strives to remove the stigma surrounding vocal injuries and make singers and teachers aware of the best way to address such injuries—via a group of experts who collaboratively diagnose and treat singers.

Bonus Web Article

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing - Jason Sarten—Sing for Your Supper
by Michelle Latour

A singer disguised as a waiter? Contemporary opera scenes? These are two jobs you might not expect to be paid for as a singer. But as Jason Sarten says, never underestimate your own value.

The Unprepared Singer
by Dana Lynn Varga

You look great! But can you sing? Simply put, your vocal abilities must come first—and then you can worry about your website, bio, and headshot. So, learn ways here to be more proactive in the practice room while away from your teacher this summer.

The Key with No Lock
by Brad Jenks

Are teachers really providing their students with what they need to succeed? Or do teachers need to reevaluate their instruction model to better prepare students for the hours of work they do alone in the practice room, beyond their teacher’s listening ear?

Make Your Garden Grow
by Jonathan Blalock

If you’re like me, you’re growing pretty weary of hearing bad news. The world seems to be spinning out of control, and most analyses of the current arts climate seem to be dire. All year I had been looking forward to what would be my most fruitful opportunity this summer. It would have been a rewarding role with a lovely company. But just like a plant losing its battle against frostbite, the gig withered away and died when they announced they’d be canceling their entire season. Instead of constantly mourning the seeds that aren’t taking root, I’m taking this opportunity to praise and nurture those who are currently blossoming.

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