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September 2010

Cover Story

Adjusting to the Inner Dramatic - Christine Goerke
by Daniel Vasquez

Dramatic soprano Christine Goerke didnít take the typical career path to her current international career. Her musical studies began on the clarinet, and her first musical aspirations were in music education. Even after finding her voice, she didnít attend a big name school or have important connections until sheer talent, hard work, and a bit of luck landed her in the Metís Lindemann Young Artist Development Program. Now in the midst of a burgeoning career, Goerke shares how she has continued to find success in the midst of Fach changes, marriage, C-sections, and more.

Special Features

Getting on Track with the ProTrack
by Sara Thomas

An unforgettable two days of amazing classes with managers, general directors, singers, and more made up the Professional Track at this yearís Classical Singer Convention. Read about it here and then start planning to attend next yearís big event in May 2011 in sunny Los Angeles.

Why I Sing
by CS Staff

Top Five Ways to Improve Your Next Audition
by Chantal Panozzo

Chantal Panozzo interviews the panelists of the Audition Feedback Experience, part of the 2010 Classical Singer Convention Professional Track, and reveals their top five suggestions for how most singers can improve their chances of landing professional singing jobs.

Improve Your Competition Image
by Susan Johnston

Judges from the Auditions Plus High School and University Competitions share their top five observations of singers. Discover from these recurring themes, both good and bad, what you can do to make a better impression in a competition or college entrance audition.


The $50 Week - Acing Your Tuition Bills
by Olivia Giovetti

College can be an expensive endeavor. Avoid letting it leave you burdened with debt for years following graduation with these helpful hints.

That Morning Voice
by Anthony Jahn, M.D.

The college years often mean late nights of studying or partying and little sleep. While health-conscious singers avoid this more than the average student, sometimes late nights take their toll on your voice. Discover several tools to help counteract these effects and renew your voice in no time.

The Tech-Savvy Singer - Am I a Band?
by Amanda White

Tech-savvy singers use the Internet and social media to market themselves as artists. But most advice on promoting yourself as a musician is directed toward bands and other popular musicians. What applies to classical singers and what doesnít?

Making the Most of the Web - Promoting Your Private Voice Studio Online
by Catherine K Brown

In a struggling economy, maximizing every opportunity for finding voice students is critical for teachers. One teacher shares how she used the Web to start and build a successful studio in less than a year.

Will Work to Sing
by Megan Gloss

The days of musical patrons are over. And unless you have a trust fund or rich relative, odds are you will have to supplement your singing income with full- or part-time jobs for some or all of your singing career. Singers straddling dual careers tell how they make it workófor better or worse.

Bonus Web Article

Twenty Affirmations
by Frances Fenton

As a teacher watches her student head off to collegeóthe young singerís first real journey away from homeóshe takes a moment to share with him her list of what she considers lifeís most important values.

In Every Issue

Bulletin Board - News, Tidbits, Musings and More
by Maria Nockin

From the Editor - Tuning In To Your Needs
by Sara Thomas

Special University Section

Finding Your Voice at Bard College Conservatory
by Brian Manternach

Dawn Upshaw and students from the Graduate Vocal Arts Program at Bard College Conservatory of Music wowed attendees at the 2010 Classical Singer Convention last May. Find out what makes this program so unique and what they are doing to produce a new generation of complete artists.

University Prescreening for Singers - Improve Your Virtual Image
by Lee Cioppa & Geoffrey Scott

More and more colleges and universities are implementing a prescreening audition prior to granting live college entrance auditions. Find out why and what you can do to make sure you put your best foot forward via CD or DVD.

Judged by Your Appearance - What University Professors Really Think about Your Audition Attire
by Michelle Latour

Opinions vary widely on what is or isnít appropriate audition attire in the university setting. CS set out to get a few more definitive answers on fashion faux pas by surveying university instructors around the country. Read their comments here.

Parent's Perspective - Preparing Your Classical Singer Children
by Cathy Markey

A mother shares what she has learned in the college audition process, three times over. First with her eldest son, then her eldest daughter, and finally her youngest sonóall who decided to pursue degrees in vocal performance.

A State Secret No Longer - Spotlight on the University of Maryland Opera Studio
by Rachel Antman

At first glance, the University of Maryland Opera Studio stands out for its full-ride assistantships that most graduate students receive. Further investigation reveals that this is just the tip of the iceberg for a program that offers everything from world-class facilities to an ideal location to top-notch faculty.

Getting the Most Out of Your Gap Year
by Christina Dee

Are you one of many who isnít headed back to school this fall, opting to take a year or two off before pursuing that graduate degree? If youíre feeling a little lost as you watch your friends head back to school, read what you can do to make sure you donít get left behind.

Intense Drama at the Academy of Vocal Arts
by Greg Waxberg

Read about a unique four-year, tuition-free artist diploma program whose high-standard focus on opera is helping singers achieve their full potential.

Brain Opera
by Olivia Giovetti

Recent studies on the neurology of opera singers give performers food for thought. Find out what university professors are discovering through neurological studies of university voice students and other singers.

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