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November 2006

Cover Story

Wearing the Pants - A Conversation with Vivica Genaux
by Daniel Vasquez

Alaska-born mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux made a name for herself singing the lesser-known Baroque and Bel Canto roles. In the 10-plus years since beginning her career, Genaux has continued to expand her repertoire, adding six new roles this year alone. The young beauty sat down with CS writer Daniel Vasquez for this candid interview. Genaux discusses finally making the switch from soprano to mezzo, why she considers technique a movable foundation, and what it’s really like to check your gender at the stage door.

Special Features

Starting Your Own Company? - Tips From A Pro For Getting Started
by Catherine Tully

Solange Sior seems to embody the entrepreneurial spirit. Not long after arriving in America from Canada, she started her own studio and booking agency. This soon led to bigger and better things—her own opera company! She sat down recently with CS’ Catherine Tully to share all that she’s learned about building a company from the ground up.

The Singer as Entrepreneur - Executive-Producing Your Own CD for Commercial Release
by Danielle Woerner

In addition to lending credibility to your name as a singer and immortalizing your voice, recordings, when marketed commercially, can also be a potential source of income. Choosing the right repertoire, being smart about the recording and production process, and effectively distributing your CD are essential to ensuring its success. Danielle Woerner offers what you need to know to be your own Executive Producer.

Opera Up Close and Personal - Vertical Player Repertory Brings Storefront Opera to Brooklyn with Puccini's Il tabarro
by Julie S. Halpern

A small opera company in Brooklyn, started by singer Judith Barnes, is finding great success and devoted audiences. Julie Halpern attended a performance of Il tabarro and reports on the reasons this company is flourishing.

Guest Artists

Susan Stoderl: - A New Vision for Opera
by Amanda White

Singer-turned-composer Susan Stoderl sits down with CS to discuss her first opera currently on stage in New York City. Read how she built her career by creating her own opportunities.

Goodbye Charlie: - Remembering Charles J Riecker (1934-2006)
by Michelle Culbertson

CS takes a moment to remember long time Metropolitan Opera Staff Member and beloved coach Charles Riecker. Not only was he an indisputable expert in the operatic field, Riecker loved singers and truly went above and beyond any call of duty.

Classical Singer Readers Share Their Memories
by CS Staff


Studying in Germany Courtesy of the U.S. Government - The Diva
by Jennifer Porto

Would harsh and berating language ever be appropriate, even called for, from a teacher? Jennifer Porto poses this question after watching a well-known and very successful singer use questionable methods in a masterclass.

Inspirazione! - Techno-Singer: Music Notation Software
by Lisa Houston

Are you looking for ways to transpose a favorite song that just isn’t in the right key? Or do you just need a new techno toy to occupy your time? Check out these two software programs that could save you considerable time while quenching your techno thirst.

Shaping Your Own Musical Pathway
by Cindy Sadler

What happens when life leads you away from the performing life for which you’ve dreamed, planned, and trained? Even if the Met career you dreamed of doesn’t materialize, you can find satisfying—even lucrative—outlets for performing.

You May Be Playing Her Song... While You're Reading My Book
by Susan Dormady Eisenberg

Susan Dormady, while writing a novel, concocted the idea of having an actual song for her impassioned-soprano heroine to sing. Read how she made her crazy idea a reality—and consider commissioning your own song.

The Making of a One-Woman Show: - The Secret Life of Opera Singers
by Imelda Franklin Bogue

Opera singers’ lives are full of comedic and dramatic material. Imelda Franklin Bogue decided to capitalize on operatic experiences, creating a one-woman show based on the daily events of her life as an opera singer. Find out how Bogue is making her own performing opportunities, and introducing opera to the masses at the same time.

Antibiotics - Another Perspective
by Anthony Jahn, M.D.

The orange, red, and gold leaves of autumn have mostly fallen from the trees as the weather turns cold. The onset of winter often means the onset of the cold and flu season as well. Before you start that next round of antibiotics, consider these words of advice from CS’ resident physician.

Book Review - 'Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music' by Angela Myles Beeching
by Stephanie Adrian

Looking for sound ideas and solid career advice from someone who knows the business? Look no further. This recent book from the director of the Career Services Center at the New England Conservatory tells you everything you need to know for creating a “portfolio career.”

Putting an End to the Fairy Tales
by Mark Stoddard

Ever wished you had a manager to worry about all of the details of your career—finding auditions, negotiating contracts, creating and distributing marketing materials? Marketing expert Mark Stoddard suggests this line of thinking is not only a far cry from reality, but also not in the singer’s best interest. Learning to manage the beginnings of your career now will help you manage your flourishing career down the road—including managing your manager.

Awaken Your Body and Voice with Yoga
by Suzanne Jackson

As singers we would not think of getting on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people without warming up our voice. As we all know, this could greatly damage our instrument. Here’s CS’ yoga expert with a simple routine to help treat your body with the same respect as you give your voice.

Are You Up for Expanding Your Career Opportunities?
by Carol Kirkpatrick

What stops you from creating your own career opportunities? Do you know what is standing between you and your willingness to start this process? Is it simply that you don’t know where to begin? Is it that you feel you already have too many things on your plate to start another project right now? Is it that you don’t feel you are ready? Are you waiting until you have everything in perfect order? Maybe you’re afraid to take a risk or afraid of making the wrong choice.

Certified Classical Singer '06-'07
by CS Staff

After three intense rounds of competition among more than 200 applicants, the judges of the AudComps 2006 named 13 singers Certified Classical Singers for 2006-2007.This month, read about sopranos Maryann Mootos, from the Professional Division, and Kenneth Wood, from the Emerging Professional Division.

In Every Issue

Letters to the Editor
by CS Staff

Center Stage - Tichina Vaughn, Mezzo Soprano
by CS Staff

Each month CShighlights one of its readers. If you’d like to take Center Stage in an upcoming issue of Classical Singer, visit Tell us about yourself, and upload a picture. We want to know about you!

Bulletin Board
by Maria Nockin

Editor's Note - Creating Your Own Buzz
by Sara Thomas

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