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November 2013

Cover Story

Listen to Yourself - A Conversation with Christa Ludwig
by Dean Southern

Christa Ludwig remains one of the greatest voices of the last century. Her career spanned five decades (from her debut in 1946 to her final performance in 1994) in both the mezzo soprano and dramatic soprano Fachs. Since her retirement, Ludwig gives regular masterclasses, passing on her pearls of wisdom polished over a lifetime of experience, to a new generation of singers. CS caught up with the mezzo/soprano at just such an event in Graz, Austria, last summer.

Special Features

Gathering Feedback - Nine Tips on Asking for It and Understanding It
by Amanda White

Can’t figure out why you’re not getting ahead? Receiving conflicting advice? Here are some tips for sleuthing out the truth and putting it to use.

Leading Tenor? - What a Bore!
by Steven Cole with Joseph Smith

The leading tenor may get the girl, but the character tenor gets the laughs and so much more. Steven Cole explains what makes a character tenor.

How to Brand, Market, and Promote Your Opera Company
by Genevieve Thiers

In article three of this five-part series on how to create your own opera company, learn the ins and outs of creating a strong brand through a logo, company name, and mission statement. Then read how to market and promote that brand through social media and the press.

Early Bird or Night Owl - Strategies to Make Your Performance Shine, No Matter the Time
by Greg Waxberg

Four singers and a registered dietician share tips for diet, exercise, and rest on the day of show to help you sing well whether your performance is morning, noon, or night.

Madison Rising
by Megan Gloss

While some say opera is meeting its demise, Madison Opera has emerged as a leader in the industry.

The Bipolar Classical Singer
by Theresa Rodriguez

In this conclusion to the two-part series, Rodriguez carefully and compassionately takes readers through the realities and possibilities for the singer who is bipolar. Discover ways to not only cope and survive but also thrive.

My Week with Jeritza - Concert Pianist Frederick Marvin Recalls the Legend
by Tony Villecco

Imagine discussing your characterization of Tosca with Puccini himself. Soprano Maria Jeritza did just that, and a pianist who knew her when remembers.

A Singer's Worst Nightmare - Jaw Surgery
by Michelle Latour

After considerable health issues with TMJ and teeth grinding, a singer opts for what seems her best option: jaw surgery. Now, after 15 weeks of grueling recovery, she wonders if it was worth it.

Guest Artists

A Man and His Music - Glendower Jones and Classical Vocal Reprints
by Ann Marie Wilcox-Daehn

With music stores closing left and right, one man and his legendary music collection struggle to stay afloat. Read about Glendower Jones and how he became known as the man who “is the answer.”


The Entrepreneurial Career - Got Grant?
by Amanda Keil

Raising money from foundations isn’t easy, but several funders want to support artists just like you.

No Colds This Winter?
by Anthony Jahn, M.D.

Tired of the incessant coughing, sniffling, and sneezing—either your own or someone else’s—that winter brings? Dr. Jahn has advice to help you avoid catching a cold, recover quickly if you catch one, and practice good cold etiquette to avoid spreading it to others.

Distant Voices - Richard Tucker
by Dean Southern

Arguably the best American tenor of the last century, Richard Tucker made a name for himself at home and abroad singing over 700 roles at the Met and with performances in London, Vienna, Verona, Milan, and Florence. Find out what made this tenor great.

In Every Issue

Bulletin Board - News, Tidbits, Musings, and more
by Maria Nockin

From the Editor - What Other People Want
by Sara Thomas

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