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December 2005

Cover Story

Scaling the Heights - Elizabeth Futral
by Zoe Vandermeer

In a little more than 10 years, since her critically acclaimed appearance in Delibes’ Lakmé at New York City Opera shot her into stardom, Elizabeth Futral has established herself as one of this generation’s leading coloratura sopranos. In this Classical Singer exclusive, Ms. Futral speaks candidly about a myriad of issues, such as how to deal with being on the road, how the coloratura repertoire differs from other soprano repertoire, how to vary vocal color for dramatic purposes without sacrificing vocal beauty, and how she manages the business side of singing.

Special Features

Early Onset Menopause & the Soprano Voice - Some Good News
by Anonymous

In March 2005, CS did a whole issue on a once taboo term: menopause. This follow-up article tells the story of one singer’s struggle with early menopause. This singer didn’t experience the common side effects so often associated with this stage of life, but she did suffer vocally. Contrary to the advice of her voice teacher and medical doctor, however, she didn’t give up singing—and more than 10 years later her voice is still going strong.

Guest Artists

Jacque Trussel: - Classical Singer's 2005 Stage Director of the Year
by Sara Thomas

Not content to rest on the laurels of an international singing career, Jacque Trussel is now receiving national recognition for his work as a stage director, most notably his work at Purchase College. Classical Singer magazine is pleased to honor him with our new award: Stage Director of the Year.


Spanish Songs for Studio and Stage
by Suzanne R. Draayer

Are you looking for something with a little flare that’s new and diverse for that upcoming recital? Do you need new literature for a student? Read about a new volume of Spanish songs, and acquaint yourself with the songs inside.

Ask Erda
by Cindy Sadler

Erda, the erstwhile earth goddess, shares her practical knowledge and words of wisdom with all who inquire. This month, she shares her wisdom on writing a letter that is sure to impress and provides tips to help you wade through copyright confusion. If you have a question for Erda, write to

Opera Talk - Fall at the Metropolitan Opera
by John Louis DiGaetani

The Met’s new season is off and running, and here’s one of CS’ favorite reviewers with a full report. It seems the powers that be placed emphasis on the comedic, rather than the dramatic, face of opera for its season openers.

Spotlight on the 2005-2006 Certified Classical Singers
by CS Staff

Each month Classical Singer highlights two of the 14 singers our panel of distinguished judges selected from more than 200 AudComps 2005 applicants for having a ready-to-go audition package appropriate to their Artist Division. This month we spotlight Helen Huse Ralston and Ricardo Tamura from the Professional Division.

Singing in Germany - Soprano Caroline Whisnant Tells All
by Maria Nockin

If you’re considering a career in Germany, this is a must read! Caroline Whisnant shares the differences between auditioning in the States vs. auditioning in Germany, and gives several sources of audition information, as well as little details such as how much rehearsal time to expect before a production.

Landing An Academic Teaching Position!
by Katherine Kelton

Applying for a teaching job with a college or university has its own set of guidelines that differ from a “normal” job application. Katherine Kelton gives you all the information you need to know to apply and land a teaching position in higher education.

The Silent Treatment - Practicing Without Using Your Voice
by Chantal Panozzo

Often times the singing voice needs a break, but pressing engagements can sometimes push a singer into pressing the voice—often with harmful repercussions. Here are some helpful hints to help you rest your voice when needed and still show up prepared to that voice lesson, coaching, or rehearsal.

Aptitude Test for a Professional Career in Singing
by J. Arden Hopkin

Have you got what it takes? Too often, we hear of voice teachers promising students great careers in the industry, and we shake our heads in amazement, knowing how difficult the business is. But what if there were a way for teachers and singers to get a basic idea of someone’s aptitude for a singing career? Now there is: an aptitude test for singers. Take it and see how you come out!

Studying in Germany, Courtesy of the US Government - Facing the Past and Embracing the Present
by Jennifer Porto

Classical Singer’s Fulbright scholar continues the tale of her experiences in Germany. This month she shares how coming to understand the German culture required setting aside her fears so she could examine the past and understand the present.

In Every Issue

Sitting in the Fast Lane
by Sara Thomas

Letters to the Editor
by CS Staff

Center Stage - Justin Randolf, Baritone
by CS Staff

Bulletin Board
by Maria Nockin

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