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Page Types

Customize Your Site With the Pages You Need.

Your Singer Website starts with your home page plus your choice of 3 other pages:

Now With Editable Titles! Change the page title to suit your needs. If your market is Germany, write your page title in German. If you prefer "Hear Me Sing" to "Sound Clips" go ahead.

Anytime, with no charge of course, you can change the pages you want too. Say you start with the Home, Photo, Sound Clips and Repertoire pages and later you want to replace the Repertoire page with the Resume page ... no problem. Just delete the Repertoire page and add the Resume page. No charge!

And if you want both, just add another page for a one-time fee of $9.95.

Want more than 5 photos? Add on photo sets of 5 for just $9.95 a set. So easy!

And Don't Forget — We're Here to Help

If you encounter problems setting up or managing your site, just call 877-515-9800 or e-mail info@classicalsinger.com and we'll walk you through the process.


Establish your presence, professional image and credentials.

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