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Websites that Put the Spotlight on YOU for Just $45

Many singers make the mistake of hiring high-priced web designers who build sites that put the spotlight on the "cool site", and not the great singer. If someone sees your website and does not say "Wow! What a great singer", you need to move your site to CS Websites. CS Websites are great, professionally designed sites that keep YOU in the spotlight.

It's Fast
Singer Websites allows you to use unique, singer-friendly templates to build your own website in minutes.

It's Customized For You
Choose from many website and page designs to make your site yours. Find the pages you need to represent you: Headshot, Resume, Repertoire, Photos, Sound Clips, Video Clips and many more including a NEW customizable page type.
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It's Easy
Not web savvy? That's ok. If you are reading this, you know enough to create and maintain your own website on Singer Websites. Plus we offer affordable tech support when you get stuck.

Get Your Own Website Address!
First you'll choose your website address: your name here). And then you should rent your own domain name (such as from or another vendor. Then have them do "domain name forwarding" to have it lead people directly to your Classical Singer site.

The Right Price!
The cost is just right for any singer starting out or established in their career. And there are no contracts or cancellation fees. You don't like it? Cancel it. Never a problem.
           One Time Set-Up Fee: $45
           Monthly Hosting Fee Starts at: $8.95
           Contract Length: NONE

No software to download, no programming to learn, no design principles to deal with. We'll take care of it all for you.

Singer Websites - Once a Luxury ... Now a Necessity!!

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