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Can I add copyrighted materials to my site?
Yes and No. You can add them if you have permission for the person who holds the copyright. Many singers are able to add their sound clips without problem because of the special program we've created to make the clips so they can not be downloaded. Because the clips can only be listened to from the site and not be reproduced, many copyright holders are giving permission for the copyrighted songs to be on the site.

Why the 8 mb file size limit?
While Internet speeds are faster then ever, not everyone is at the top speed. Many people will still be viewing your site on 56K speeds and maybe DSL speeds. They won't want to wait for an 8 mb file to download. In addition, the files do not need to be that large online. If the file is larger than 8 mb, the file needs to be optimized for the Web. The file size can be reduced without loss of quality. This is a service we can help you with. Please see the tech support page for help.

How do I create special characters?
Special HTML code needs to be used to create umlauts and other special characters. The examples are with uppercase letters. To do a lower case letter, just use a lower case letter in the HTML code (i.e. à = "à"). To add these character, just add the HTML code in with the rest of your text. It will not appear correct until you preview your page and any time you look at it in the edit box you may only see the HTML code and not the special character.

À = "À"
Á = "Á"
 = "Â"
à = "Ã"
Ä = "Ä"
Å = "Å"
Ç = "Ç"

È = "È"
É = "É"
Ê = "Ê"
Ë = "Ë"
Ì = "Ì"
Í = "Í"
Î = "Î"
Ï = "Ï"
Ñ = "Ñ"

Ò = "Ò"
Ó = "Ó"
Ô = "Ô"
Õ = "Õ"
Ö = "Ö"
Ù = "Ù"
Ú = "Ú"
Û = "Û"
Ü = "Ü"

How do I create audio or video clips?
Many, many programs are out there to create MP3 and video clips and each one is different. We recommend you find a program (many are free and may already be on your system) and review their "Help" section for directions.

Free programs we've used:
     iTunes - available at:
     Windows Movie Maker - available at: and may already be installed on your computer under "Accessories".

Will search engines find my site?
Yes! Lately search engines are having their spiders search content of the pages for their status on the search engines. So be sure to use the words people will use to search for you at the beginning of the content of your home page.

How much will this really cost me?
The fees are simple. There is a $45 one-time set-up fee and then just $8.95 a month to maintain service and receive all the updates for free. These fees are non refundable.

The monthly hosting fee is automatically charged to the credit card used to set up the site. If the card is rejected, we will attempt to charge it 3 times. We will then contact you via e-mail to let you know of the failure. You then have a week to respond with payment before you site is suspended.

Do I need to purchase specific photo pages to have photos or specific sound clips pages to have sound clips?
To have photos or sound clips on your site, you just need to have a regular page available and then select the photo page type and/or the sound clips page type. You only need to purchase photo set or sound clips set if you want additional photos or sound clips to add to those pages.

Can I exchange sound clips or photo sets for different pages?
These sets are not exchangeable or refundable. Keep them around. You may need to use them again in the future.

How do I use a different font or color than what the design shows?
You can use the custom fonts feature to select from a number of web-safe fonts to change the look of your site. You can also use the custom colors feature to select new colors for any aspect of your site including font colors, background colors, link colors, and more.

Do I need to know html to create my site?
Absolutely not! You can use some html to further customize your site, but that is completely unnecessary.

How do I bold text?
Before the text you wish to bold, add "<strong>". After the text you wish to bold add "</strong>". Example: "<strong>I love to sing.</strong>" will appear as "I love to sing." Be careful to only bold a few items on each page. Too much bold will take away the emphasis that bolding can provide.

How do I italicize text?
Before the text you wish to italicize, add "<em>". After the text you wish to italicize add "</em>". Example: "<em>I love to sing.</em>" will appear as "I love to sing." Be careful to only italicize a few items on each page. Too many italics will take away the emphasis that italicizing can provide.

How do I make my e-mail address a link?
Before the text you want as your e-mail link (i.e. "e-mail me" or your actual e-mail address), add "<a href="mailto:yourfulladdresshere">" After the text you want as your e-mail link add "</a>". Example: "<a href="">E-mail Me</a>" will appear as "E-mail Me".

How do I create a link to another website?
Before the text you want as your e-mail link (i.e. "My Favorite Website "), add "<a href="">" After the text you want as your link add "</a>". Example: "<a href="">My Favorite Website</a>" will appear as "My Favorite Website".

How can I sell items like my CD on my Website?
While we do not offer a wizard to help you sell your items at this time, we can recommend a few ways. One way that we know works is with Once you create an account with, create a button or link using the software. It will give you html text to add to your site, linking to the item you wish to sell. Just paste that text anywhere you want the link to the item on their site. We're working on a sample site and will link to this as soon as it is up and running. Other programs that allow you to link to their cart systems will work as well.

I can't see a page properly. Is it my browser?
If you can't see the page properly, the first thing to do is check that you have the most up to date Internet browser software available. There are potential compatible issues to browsers other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. However, we are constantly trying to fix compatibility issues. If you have one, please let us know what version of browser software you are using and what the problem is at

How to I get my own URL like
Once you have your Singer Website set up and live, rent a your domain name (i.e. from Then ask them to do domain name forwarding. All you need to do is give them the actual address to your Website (i.e. Then when someone types in, they'll go directly to your Singer Website.

How do I cancel my Singer Website?
Simply send an e-mail to and your site will be suspended within 2 business days and the next monthly fee will not be charged. If you choose, you may have your site live until the end of your billing cycle; however, if you cancel mid cycle, no monies can be refunded.

How do I move my Singer Website to another host other than Classical Singer?
The information, photos and sound clips on your site are your property and can easily be moved; however, the page and site designs are copyright of Classical Singer and can only be used in conjunction with Singer Websites. To remove your information simply cut and paste the text into another document and download the photos and sound clips you may need. You can easily do this from the live site or from the admin center by previewing the pages.

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If you encounter problems setting up or managing your site, simply email Jo Isom and she'll walk you through the process.

For billing questions, please email or call 877-515-9800.


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